Evaluation the Jedi Way: Using Star Wars for Evaluation Training

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Dr. Lori Wingate—Assistant Director, The Evaluation Center, WMU
Evaluation the Jedi Way: Using Star Wars for Evaluation Training
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Learn evaluation, you will.When an evaluator provides evaluation training to an audience that works outside his or her realm of expertise, it can be a challenge to develop a good case for applying the workshop’s concepts or tools. A good case is brief so it can be read and understood in a short period of time, yet complex enough to require critical thinking. It should be relevant to participants’ background knowledge and work contexts, but not so much so they they get caught up in the details or realism of the situation. A good case for evaluation training demonstrates how evaluation principles can be applied across disciplines and content areas. In this session, we’ll look at an evaluation case based on Star Wars (Episode I) developed for a workshop on data interpretation for public health evaluators. What are its strengths and weaknesses as a vehicle for learning about evaluation in general and data interpretation specifically? For what other evaluation topics could it be used? What other popular culture sources could be mined for raw materials for evaluation cases.

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