A Collaborative Partnership to Define and Measure Empowering Practice within a Domestic Violence Shelter Program



April 3, 2012

Dr. Cris Sullivan—Professor, Ecological and Community Psychology and Coordinator, Violence Against Women Research and Outreach Initiative, MSU

The goal of empowerment-based programs is to help clients increase their personal, interpersonal, and political power. This talk describes a collaborative partnership with a domestic violence shelter program interested in evaluating how well they integrated the empowerment model into day-to-day service provision and whether their approach to empowerment-based service delivery was contributing to the intended “empowered outcomes” for the women with whom they work. In the presentation, I will describe how we jointly defined empowerment within this setting, how the empowerment-based practices and intended empowered outcomes were measured, and how the process has impacted the work of the advocates.


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