Pass the Aspirin: When Projects Become Headaches

March 27, 2012

Dr. Mary Anne Sydlik—Director, SAMPI, WMU,

Dr. Bob Ruhf—Senior Research Associate, SAMPI, WMU, and

Kristin Everet—Senior Research Assistant, SAMPI, WMU

Science and Mathematics Program Improvement (SAMPI) at Western Michigan University currently has a number of evaluation projects, seven projects out for review, and six in the early stages of development with potential clients.Members of the SAMPI evaluation team will address challenges that can arise 1) during the pre-submission proposal/project development phase; 2) while trying to coordinate evaluation and project activities with another organization; and 3) when the clients’ expectations change mid-course in ways that exceed the evaluation budget, the evaluator’s time and energy, and cost-overruns threaten to shut down the evaluation before it can be completed.

This event was not video tapped.


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