A Preview of Evaluation Theory, Models, and Applications (2nd ed.)

The second edition of Evaluation Theory, Models, & Applications has undergone substantial revision since the first edition was published by Stufflebeam and Shinkfield in 2007. One major change is the inclusion of several additional evaluation approaches (and the addition of a new second author). In the first version, 26 unique evaluation approaches were introduced and described. In this edition, many of the evaluation approaches have been substantially revised and updated. Other evaluation approaches have been added, including transformative evaluation, participatory evaluation, consumer feedback, research synthesis, and meta-analysis. Additionally, the second edition has a dedicated website provided by Jossey-Bass which includes course syllabi, PowerPoint summaries of each chapter, additional study questions, and links to other relevant websites. In this Café, Coryn and Stufflebeam will compare and contrast the two editions.

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