FIPSE Evaluation- Kalamazoo College

Sponsor:  U.S. Department of Education | FIPSE
Principal Investigator:  Dr. Daniela Schroeter
July 1, 2011 – December 31,2013

The purpose of this proposal is to provide external evaluation services for a Kalamazoo College FIPSE grant intended to improve student retention and connection through innovative advising practices. We will collaborate with Kalamazoo College in refining internal and external, formative and summative, research and evaluation mechanisms, implement external evaluation efforts, involve IDPE students to conduct interviews with Kalamazoo College students, and complete related analyses and reporting requirements.



In year 1 KSO will pilot the Marvelous Music! program (which is aimed at preschool children and their parents) and they will need formative evaluation to examine implementation of the program, its design, and so forth. Year 2 will also be primarily formative and year 3 will be summative and include an outcome and costs evaluation.




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