The Use of Sensory and Analytical Evaluation to Match the Flavor of Onion Powder in a White Sauce

Dehydrated onion consumption in the United States is estimated at 200 million dry pounds annually. Increased consumption, a single growing region and bacterial concerns of dehydrated onion create a need for a low cost, low microbial count onion powder replacer, such as a natural onion extract. In this Evaluation Café, Polly Barrett discusses how sensory panels were used to evaluate flavor profiles in onion powders and onion extracts, using a white sauce matrix, such that production can meet demand. Barrett shares the results of the sensory panel, as well as the correlation of sensory data with analytic data to show how the flavor profile of an onion extract can be shifted toward the flavor profile of an onion powder. These modified onion extracts could be used in most food applications where dehydrated onion products are used.


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