Stephen Magura, Ph.D., C.S.W.

The Evaluation Center
Western Michigan UniversityEmail:
Phone: 269-387-5895

Vita  (PDF)

Current Projects

Controlling for Endogeneity Biases in Estimating AA Effects on Drinking Outcomes (2009 – )
Sponsor: NIH, R21 AA017906
Principal InvestigatorResearch to Define and Measure Effectiveness of Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers and Projects (2008 – )
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (subward of #0832874)
Principal InvestigatorEfficacy of ‘Dual Focus’ Mutual Aid for Persons with Co-occurring Disorders (2008 – )
Sponsor: NIDA, R01  DA023119
Principal InvestigatorSublingual Buprenorphine for Chronic Pain in Patients at Risk for Drug Abuse
Sponsor: NIDA R21 DA022675
Co-InvestigatorBuprenorphine Maintenance in Jail and Post-Release
Sponsor: NIDA R21 DA020583
Principal Investigator

Service & Membership
Deputy Editor, Substance Use and Misuse
Editorial Board, Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment
Editorial Board, The Open Addiction Journal
Editorial Board, The Open Family Studies Journal

Editorial Board, International Journal of Drug Testing
Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and  Letters
Elected Member, Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA)
Elected Member, College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD)
Publications Committee, College on Problems of Drug Dependence
Member, Advisory Group for Clinical Addiction Research Training, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NY.
Member, National Association of Social Workers
Member, American Evaluation Society
Grant Review Panels (numerous): National Institute on Drug Abuse; National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; Administration for Children, Youth and Families; Center for Substance Abuse Treatment; National Institute on Allergies and Infectious Diseases; National Institute on Child and Human Development.

Recent Publications

Magura S. Validating reports of illegal drug use to evaluate national drug control policy. Evaluation and Program Planning 33 234–237, 2010.Magura S, Spybrook J, Rosenblum A, Fong  C, Villano C, Vogel, HS, Betzler, T. Undiagnosed drug use among admissions to psychiatric day treatment and prediction of early exit. Open Addiction Journal 3, 95-101, 2010.Magura S, Rosenblum A,  Betzler T. Substance use and mental health outcomes for comorbid patients in psychiatric day treatment. Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 3: 71-78, 2009.Magura S, Lee JD, Hershberger J , Joseph H, Marsch L, Shropshire C, Rosenblum A. Buprenorphine and methadone maintenance in jail and post-release: A randomized clinical trial. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 99 (1-3):222-230, 2009.Magura S. Controlling for endogeneity bias in estimating Alcoholics Anonymous effects on drinking (abstract). Michigan Academician 39 (2 :64, 2009.Magura S. What more do we need to know about medication-assisted treatment for prescription opioid abusers? (Commentary). Addiction 104 (5): 784-785, 2009Magura S. Effectiveness of dual focus mutual aid for co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders: A review and synthesis of the Double Trouble in Recovery evaluation. Substance Use & Misuse 43: 1-23, 2008

Magura S., Rosenblum A, Villano C, Vogel HS, Fong C, Beztler T.  Mutual aid for co-occurring disorders: a quasi-experimental outcome study. Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 34 (1):61-74, 2008.

Magura S, Villano,CL,  Rosenblum A, Vogel HS, Betzler T. Consumer evaluation of dual focus mutual aid. Journal of Dual Diagnosis 4 (2): 170-185, 2008.



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