Lori A. Wingate, Ph.D.

Assistant Director
The Evaluation Center
Western Michigan University
Email: lori.wingate@wmich.edu
Phone: 269-387-5895
Vita (PDF)


I am principal investigator for EvaluATE, the National Science Foundation-funded evaluation resource center for advanced technological education. EvaluATE’s mission is to promote the goals of the Advanced Technological Education program by partnering with ATE projects and centers to strengthen the program’s evaluation knowledge base, expand the use of exemplary evaluation practices, and support the continuous improvement of technician education throughout the nation. www.evalu-ate.org
Select Publications
Kapp, K., & Wingate, L. (2012). Designing, marketing and delivering an effective webinar: Guidelines based on research and practice. Journal of Applied Learning Technology, 2(3).

Wingate, L.A. (2010). Metaevaluation: Purpose, prescription, and practice. In E. Bader, P. Peterson, & B. McGraw (Eds.) International Encyclopedia of Education (3rd ed.). San Diego: Elsevier.
Recent Presentations
Wingate, L., & Schroeter, D. (April, 2014). Translating Evaluation Findings into Action. CDC University Workshop, Atlanta, GA. Slides
Wingate, L. (2011, November). Evaluation expectations expressed in National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education program solicitations: An analysis of changes in de facto evaluation policy since 1993. Paper session presented at the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association, Anaheim, CA.
Featured Webinars
Click on the titles below to access the recordings, handouts, and slides
Right-sizing evaluation for ATE small grants. March 2014
Orientation to ATE Survey 2014. January 2014
Questions, data, conclusions, and recommendations: Connecting the dots for an effective evaluation. November 2013
 ATE evaluation 101. September 2013
 Evaluation: A key ingredient for a successful ATE proposal. August 2013
ATE evaluation 101. September 2012
Build a better ATE proposal with evaluation and logic models. August 2012
Claims + evidence: Assessing ATE grant outcomes. March 2011.
Workshop Materials
CDC Workshop Identifying evaluation questions. April 2014.

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