Michigan Saves: Evaluability Assessment and Process Evaluation

Sponsor: Public Sector Consultants, Inc.


Project staff

Daniela Schroeter, Principal Investigator
Anne Cullen, Co-Principal Investigator
Chris Coryn, Methodologist
Kelly Robertson, Project Manager
Gil Peach, Consultant


Michigan Saves is a recently funded innovative statewide energy efficiency and distributed renewable financing program, implemented by Public Sector Consultants Inc. in partnership with Delta Institute. The Evaluation Center serves as the programs external evaluator tasked with conducting an evaluability assessment and process evaluation.



After completing the process evaluation of the Cherryland pilot project, we are now planning for the statewide process evaluation of residential programming.



Manuscripts in Preparations

Schroeter, D. C., Coryn, C. L. S., Cullen, A., Robertson, K. N., & Alyami, M. Using concept mapping for planning and evaluation of a state-wide energy efficiency initiative. [Target journal: Energy Efficiency].



Michigan Saves: Evaluability Assessment & Process Evaluation of an Innovative Energy Program. Presentation given at Western Michigan University’s Evaluation Center Evaluation Café Series. [with K. N. Robertson, A. Cullen, & M. Alyami]. Kalamazoo, MI. March 29, 2010.


Reports and Briefing Papers

Michigan Saves! Cherryland Pilot Project Evaluation Report (October 2010).

Evaluability Assessment of Michigan Saves! (May, 2010).

Michigan Saves Cherryland Evaluation Plan (March, 2010).

Michigan Saves Management Plan: Status of March, 2010.



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