ATE Survey

The evaluation began in 2000 and continued until 2009.  The annual survey provided information needed to assess the impact and effectiveness of the ATE program.  Along with information gathered by other ATE-targeted studies, this survey was used to address four basic questions:  To what degree was the program achieving its goals?  Was it making an impact, reaching the individuals and groups intended?  How effective was it when it reached its constituents?  Were there ways the program could be improved significantly?

Many ATE evaluators noted their own inexperience as evaluators and especially  their unfamiliarity with technological education.  Thus, Evaluation Center personnel work closely with the ATE projects and centers and with ATE program staff to continue to refine a model framework.  This collaborative effort yields useful program level information that provides all constituent groups with direct and easy access to useful information about center and project activities, impact, and effectiveness.

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