Kamehameha Schools’ Ho’olako Like Schools

The Evaluation Center provided the following services to the Kamehameha Schools’ Ho’olako Like Schools

  • Identify measures for reporting and integrate them into the existing database
  • Develop tools and methods for data collection
  • Identify exemplary practices already in place with the objective of standardizing tools across all Hoolako Like (HL) schools when this is consistent with individual school goals and characteristics
  • Create an inventory and master set of data collection tools and methods currently in place and identify where new tools and methods need to be developed or existing tools and methods require revision
  • Work with the HL schools, PASE, and the KS Hoolako Like liaison to create a master template for reporting findings for the current school year
  • Assist schools with database navigation, provide advice regarding database input and maintenance, and act as liaison with PASE, the HL liaison, and the database developer in instances where database enhancements or repairs are required
  • Monitor preliminary data entry and perform baseline analyses of initial data relative to program objectives: specifically, numbers of learners directly involved in programs, levels of achievement and individual improvement, community participation, and returns to culturally relevant educational practices Evaluation of Ho’olako Like Schools.


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