Heifer Project International

The Center began working with Heifer in 2005 to evaluate some of the countries associated with its international program.  Teams made up of 2 individuals would visit each country to evaluate group and community values, behavior, finances, social capital, and group cohesion resulting from HPI’s work.  As part of these tasks, teams reviewed and analyzed documents, reports, and other materials related to the projects selected for the impact evaluation.  Teams also worked with local staff to design and implement participatory assessments of the specific projects being evaluated.  A meta-analysis was conducted of all five rounds of impact evaluation, and a tool kit will be developed for HPI use in the future.  The countries which were involved in the evaluations were:

2005:  South Central U.S. and Peru
2006:  Albania, Nepal, Thailand
2007:  Cameroon, China, Kenya, Tanzania
2008:  Cambodia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Vietnam
2009:  Armenia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)


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