Center for the Study of Ethics in Society

Center for the Study of Ethics in Society

Center Library

The Ethics Center maintains a small library of works in ethics and philosophy. Students, faculty and staff of WMU may check out books for four weeks. To check out a book, stop by the Center during office hours. Book donations are welcome.

Click here to browse the Center's holdings (Excel Spreadsheet). The collection may be searched by author, title, or the following subject categories:

  1. General Philosophy
    These include “intro to philosophy” books, classic works, philosophy of science/epistemology, and political philosophy.
  2. General Ethics
    These include general ethics anthologies and intro to ethics books.
  3. Business Ethics
    These include anthologies, corporate responsibility, and managerial/employee rights.
  4. Biomedical Ethics
    These include bioethics anthologies, healthcare issues, and end-of-life decisions.
  5. Journals
    These consist of copies of journals owned by the Center – both general philosophy and ethics specifically.
  6. Legal Philosophy
    These consist of books in general legal philosophy.
  7. Social Ethics
    These consist of  philosophy of public policy and race/gender/class issues.
  8. Other Ethics
    These consist of books on specific topics, including academic/children’s ethics, environmental ethics, ethics and religion, war, communications/journalism, revenge, and lying.
  9. Critical Reasoning
    Books on critical reasoning, argument analysis, and logic.

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