Reporting Sexual Violence

Contacts and resources for reporting sexual assault or violence

Department of Public Safety

511 Monroe Street
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo MI 49006-5418 USA
(269) 387-5555

Incidents of sexual assault and violence shall be reported to WMU’s Department of Public Safety. In addition to any DPS investigations (which may also be reported to the local prosecutor), DPS will also notify the Office of Institutional Equity of any sexual assault or violence cases involving employees, students, visitors and/or other third parties. The Office of Institutional Equity will review these cases and determine if an investigation or resolution under Title IX is required.

In cases where institutional equity conducts an investigation and makes a finding of fact, a report will be submitted to the appropriate administrative office for sanctions or corrective action, if warranted.

Any investigation or resolution under Title IX does not preclude other investigations, resolutions, or disciplinary action pursuant to University policy, collective bargaining agreements, or state or federal law.

When cases involve students as alleged offenders against other students, the case will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. The Office of Student Conduct will determine if the allegations of sexual assault or violence are sexual misconduct violations pursuant to the Student Code and the appropriate sanctions, if warranted.