Rhetoric and Writing Studies

Rhetoric and Writing Studies


What happened to the old degree in Practical Writing?

The old major and minor in Practical Writing have been revised and updated. Apart from a new name, the updated degree boasts three cutting-edge courses. These courses will provide you with more opportunities to study and practice writing in a wide range of genres, using a variety of writing technologies.

Why is the new degree called Rhetoric and Writing Studies?

The name "Rhetoric and Writing Studies" is an umbrella term that encompasses many kinds of writing (e.g., professional writing, business writing, technical writing, science writing, public writing, and academic writing). This new name also frames writing as a humanistic endeavor that generates knowledge. As the name suggests, one of the new program’s cornerstones is rhetoric, a seasoned discipline with a strong 2,500-year tradition.

What happens to my old Practical Writing course credits?

Your old credits will count towards the new degree, if you decide to earn a degree in Rhetoric and Writing Studies. If you have already declared a major or minor in Practical Writing and would like to earn a degree in Practical Writing, new Rhetoric and Writing Studies courses will fulfill the old requirements.

For information about course substitutions between the old and the new degree programs, please visit the "Courses" tab on the above menu.

What kind of jobs does the degree in Rhetoric and Writing Studies prepare me for?

The degree in Rhetoric and Writing Studies prepares you for careers in web writing, copywriting, speech writing, science writing, technical writing, journalism, teaching, law, government, and business.


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