Courses - Rhetoric and Writing Studies

Courses - Rhetoric and Writing Studies


Program of Study

As a Rhetoric and Writing Studies Major or Minor, you’ll design a Program of Study that fits your interests and needs. After completing Introduction to Professional Writing, you’ll fulfill your degree requirements by selecting from our two-year course menu, which forecasts the flexible and innovative course offerings available to all Rhetoric and Writing Studies students.

Note: Rhetoric and Writing Studies students are encouraged to take the program's special topics courses (ENGL 4060 and ENGL 4080) twice for credit.

Rhetoric and Writing Studies Major

For majors starting in or after Fall 2012
For majors in Practical Writing before Fall 2012

Rhetoric and Writing Studies Minor

For minors starting in or after Fall 2012
For minors in Practical Writing before Fall 2012


ENGL 3050: Introduction to Professional Writing

A writing course designed to help students at the junior or senior level develop reader-centered writing strategies applicable to writing in workplaces and other dimensions of civic life. Projects may include such genres as resumes, proposals, reports, instructions, and user testing in print and digital forms. This course is approved as a writing-intensive course which may fulfill the baccalaureate-level writing requirement of the student’s curriculum.

ENGL 3060: Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture

This course investigates rhetorical theory and concepts as tools for analyzing consumer, corporate, organizational, and popular culture.

ENGL 4060: Topics in Textual Production

This advanced writing course emphasizes the study and production of specialized genres and media, with attention to the impact of technology on composing, designing, and publishing expository texts. Course may feature such topics as web authoring, multimedia writing, composing for print-based publication, editing and style, or proposal/grant writing.

Offerings Include
Digital Rhetoric & Writing
Proposals and Pitches: Grant Writing for Professionals
Style, Identification, and Persona in Professional Writing
Structure, Purpose, and Transfer in Written Communication

Writing for Social Media
Writing in the Sciences
The Professional Portfolio

ENGL 4080: Special Topics in Rhetoric and Writing

This writing intensive course examines contributions from scholars working in various subfields and specializations in the field of rhetoric and writing studies, with emphasis on the relationship of composition and/or rhetorical discourse to critical theory.

Offerings Include
Parody & Rhetoric
Visual Rhetoric
Black Women's Rhetorical Traditions
Rhetoric and Law
Usability Studies
Rhetoric of Science


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