Careers - Rhetoric and Writing Studies

Careers - Rhetoric and Writing Studies

Rhetoric and Writing Career Opportunities

Rhetoric and Writing Studies students find employment in a variety of fields, including web authoring, copywriting, speech writing, technical writing, science writing, journalism, teaching, law, government, and business. See how some of our graduates have put rhetoric and writing to work for them.

Karen McPhail, 2009 Graduate

Quality Systems Technical Writer, Stryker Instruments

“I write to improve lives.

I came to the Rhetoric and Writing Studies program at WMU as a non-traditional student, and it was quickly apparent to me that my professors took genuine interest in me and recognized my work experience and ideas.

In the highly regulated medical technology industry, “if it isn’t written down, it isn’t happening.” As a Quality Systems Technical Writer for Stryker Instruments, my ultimate consumers are patients who receive life changing surgeries to relieve chronic pain and improve mobility. The care I provide them comes from documenting and supporting the myriad controls required to assure compliance, effectiveness, and efficiency in producing products that end up in surgery suites around the world.

My WMU degree was the perfect complement to my chosen career, and gave me the expertise and credentials to become an important contributor at a company whose chief goal is to improve people’s lives. I could not be more thankful for my Bronco experience.

Cait Ryan-Beerbower, 2010 Graduate

Editing & Data Management, Thomson Reuters
Graduate Student in Rhetoric and Writing, Michigan State University

“I write to further both my academic and professional careers.

I currently use my degree in both a professional capacity at Boskage Commerce Publications, a Thomson Reuters company specializing in international trade publications, software, and online educations, and as a graduate student at Michigan State University. At Thomson Reuters, I work in an editorial department developing both online and print publications. At MSU, I am pursuing an M.A. in Learning, Design, and Technology with a concentration in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

The Rhetoric and Writing program at WMU provided unique and invaluable training that prepared me to step into both these roles. This preparation included opportunities to explore writing in numerous digital environments (including website design with Adobe Dreamweaver), as well as opportunities to develop pieces of professional writing for use by actual clients outside the classroom. The professors at WMU showed a clear understanding of the rapidly changing role of digital writing in our society. They used this knowledge to offer an educational experience that has served me well in my work for Thomson Reuters as well as in the process of applying for and joining a graduate-level program focused on Rhetoric and Writing.


Colleen Kubacki, 2008 Graduate

Technical Writer

“I write to bring safe medical products to those in need.

While completing my final year of the Rhetoric and Writing Studies program at WMU, the faculty helped me obtain a technical writing internship for a company which conducts testing of therapeutic compounds intended for development into new medicines. In this position, I assisted scientists, managers, and other laboratory personnel in creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These documents establish and maintain consistent processes which are followed by laboratory personnel during experimentation. Upon graduation from WMU, I accepted a full-time position with this company where my responsibility as a technical writer is to ensure that these SOPs are coherent to personnel with varying levels of education, experience, and training, yet also contain all required technical information.

My training in the writing program at WMU helped me understand how to write technical documents from a reader-centered perspective and learn to adjust my writing to my audience. My writing skills offer me the opportunity to contribute to the development of safe medical products.


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