Staci Perryman-Clark

Staci Perryman-Clark

Staci Perryman-Clark
Dr. Staci Perryman-Clark


Dr. Staci Perryman-Clark

Assistant Professor and Director of First-Year Writing
English and Rhetoric and Writing Studies;
African American Language and Pedagogy

Mailing address

Department of English
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5331

Office: (269) 387-2586


613 Sprau Tower


Ph.D. Michigan State University (2010)

Dr. Perryman-Clark's forthcoming book (under contract with Peter Lang Publishing), Afrocentric Teacher-Research: Rethinking Appropriateness and Inclusion, is a qualitative empirically-based teacher-research study that examines the ways in which African American students and all students perform expository writing tasks using an Ebonics-based Rhetoric and Composition focused first-year writing curriculum. As such, her work focuses on creating culturally-relevant pedagogies and curricular designs to support all students' expository writing practices.

Dr. Perryman-Clark's work also focuses on Afrocentric pedagogies in relation to language rights afforded to writing students. Her works that discuss Afrocentric and language rights pedagogies have appeared in numerous Rhetoric and Composition journals including Composition Studies, Pedagogy, and Teaching English in the Two Year College (TETYC). Future works exploring Afrocentricity and language rights will appear in the The Journal of Teaching Writing (JTW) and Rhetoric and Composition's flagship journal, College Composition and Communication (CCC). Dr. Perryman-Clark is currently collaborating on an edited collection (with David E. Kirkland and Austin Jackson) titled, Students' Right to Their Own Language (SRTOL): A Critical Sourcebook, under contract with Bedford St. Martins.

Dr. Perryman-Clark's work also focuses on professional development opportunities for Writing Program Administrators and graduate students. She has authored and co-authored articles in Composition Forum, WPA: Writing Program Administration, and Computers and Composition that explore opportunities for designing special topics graduate courses on Black women intellectuals, teaching with technology philosophy statements, and exploring the intersections between race and gender in Writing Program Administration. Her article (co-authored with Collin Craig), "Troubling the Boundaries: (De)Constructing WPA Identities at the Intersections of Race and Gender," is currently used as a framework for the Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) Mentor Project.

Dr. Perryman-Clark was recently elected to Rhetoric and Composition's flagship organization, the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Executive Committee, and has received national honors from Michigan State University, Ford Foundation and Conference on College Composition and Communication. Dr. Perryman-Clark currently serves as Director of First-Year Writing, and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in First-Year Writing, Rhetoric and Writing Studies, and methods in teaching college writing.

Current Research Interests:

Culturally-Relevant Pedagogies
Writing Program Administration
Rhetoric and Composition
First-Year Writing

Select Publications:

Perryman-Clark, Staci M. (In press). Afrocentric Teacher-Research: Rethinking Appropriateness and Inclusion. New York: Peter Lang.

Perryman-Clark, Staci M., David Kirkland, and Austin Jackson, eds (under contract). Students’ Right to Their Own Language (SRTOL): A Critical Sourcebook. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins.

Perryman-Clark, Staci M. (Forthcoming) “African American Language, Rhetoric, and Student Writing: New Directions for SRTOL.” CCC (Feb. 2013).

Perryman-Clark, Staci M. (Forthcoming) “Ebonics and Composition: Extending Disciplinary Conversations to First-Year Writing Students.” Journal of Teaching Writing (Fall 2012).

Alexander, Phill, Karissa Chabot, Matt Cox, Danielle Nicole DeVoss, Barb Gerber, Staci Perryman-Clark, Julie Platt, Donnie Johnson Sackey, and Mary Wendt.  “Teaching with Technology: Remixing and Remediating the Teaching Philosophy Statement.” Computers and Composition 29 (2012): 23-38. Print.

Perryman-Clark, Staci M. “Toward a Pedagogy of Linguistic Diversity: Understanding Ebonics Linguistic Practices and Programmatic Learning Goals.” Teaching English in the Two Year College 39.3 (2012): 230-246. Print.

Perryman-Clark, Staci M. “Africanized Patterns of Expression: A Case Study of Expository Writing Patterns across Writing Contexts.” Pedagogy 12.2 (2012): 253-280. Print. 

Craig, Collin Lamont and Staci Maree Perryman-Clark. “Troubling the Boundaries: (De)Constructing WPA Identities at the Intersections of Race and Gender.” WPA: Writing Program Administration 34.2 (2011): 37-58. Print.

Perryman-Clark, Staci. “Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures (WRA) 125 - Writing: the Ethnic and Racial Experience." Composition Studies 37.2 (2009): 115-134. Print.

Perryman-Clark, Staci Maree. “Black Female Intellectuals in the Academy: Inventing the Rhetoric and Composition Special Topics Course.” Composition Forum 20 (2009): Web.


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