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Welcome to WeBAL – the Web-Based Assessment Library

This web site exists to help engineering and technology faculty locate instruments or rubrics that can help them assess (provide feedback) or evaluate (grade) learning. These instruments are for use in assignments where faculty wish to assess or evaluate the communication or teamwork performance of students. Future documents will be added in additional skill areas.

Locating Assessment Instruments Using WeBAL

The Web-Based Assessment Library has two options for finding documents: a menu-based system and the WeBAL Document Library list for browsing. Each assessment document is paired with an annotation with additional information, including suggestions for use and applications. These annotations can be used to narrow down your choice of documents to best meet your specific needs and to support your use of the documents.

Downloading and Using WeBAL Assessment Instruments

Each document is provided in both Microsoft Word ".doc" and Adobe ".pdf" formats. You may download these documents, and revise them as necessary for your own use. For example, you may wish to remove or modify the numeric scores shown on a document and substitute your own. Most of the documents can also be used at the beginning of learning activities as a student guide to your expectations.

WeBAL and ABET (The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)

Because some of the learning outcomes required under ABET’s Criterion 3 (TAC Criterion 2), a through k, can be difficult to assess, we have begun with two of these outcomes: communication (both written and oral), and teamwork. Future outcome areas to be addressed will include lifelong learning, professional and ethical considerations, and the design process. We also encourage you to contribute assessment or evaluation documents you have tested and found useful that we might add to the WeBAL site.

We welcome your comments and suggestions as you use WeBAL. A brief questionnaire will be provided shortly, and we encourage you to help us continue to improve this site. We also welcome submissions of assessment instruments for possible inclusion to the WeBAL assessment library. If you wish to speak directly to the WeBAL project manager, please contact Dr. Betsy Aller at betsy.aller@wmich.edu.

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