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WeBAL -- Library of Assessment Instruments

Welcome to WeBAL’s Library of Assessment Instruments.

The two lists below include the documents currently available on this site to use in assessing communication (written and oral) and teamwork. Each document is available in both Word and .pdf files for your downloading convenience.

Please also note the list of files under “Annotations.” Each assessment instrument is paired with a page of notes to assist you in choosing and/or using the document. These annotations include applications for the instrument, skill sets addressed, suggestions for best use, comments, and room for notes by the user (you). Wherever possible, the original source of the document is given in the annotation. The annotations have been created by a group of teaching faculty who are also involved in assessment research.

Communication Tree

Written Communication Documents

Simple Checklist for Evaluating Writing [word] [pdf]

[word] [pdf]

Simple Scoresheet for Evaluating Papers [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Written Communication Rubric [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Checklist for Research Reports [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Research Report Evaluation [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Oral Communication Documents
Group Presentation Scoresheet [word] [pdf]

[word] [pdf]

Oral Presentation Rubric [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Progress Report Presentation Feedback (Individual or Team) [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Formal Report Presentation Assessment/Evaluation [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Team Project Presentation Assessment [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Oral Team Project Presentation Evaluation Form [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Senior Design Project Presentation Evaluation Form [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]


Teamwork Tree

Teamwork Documents

Simple Checklist on Team Process [word] [pdf]

[word] [pdf]

Simple Peer Rating of Team Members [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Team Member Contributions Scale [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Peer Evaluation Scoresheet [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Team Behaviors Observation Sheet [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Individual Assessment of Team Behaviors [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Assessment of Team Cohesiveness [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Discussion Participant Evaluation [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Complex Rubric for Team Interactions [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]
Project Conclusion Peer Evaluation [word] [pdf] [word] [pdf]