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How to Use WeBAL

The Web-Based Assessment Library has two options for finding documents: a menu-based system and the WeBAL Document Library list for browsing. Both will allow you to access instruments appropriate to your teaching needs.

The menu-based system uses a decision tree process to help the user locate the document(s) that most closely meet the stated needs. The decision trees below show the menu selection choices you will encounter when using the menu-based system, including definitions and explanations of the level choices. Note the different trees for the Communication and Teamwork libraries [excel] [pdf].

Once you go through the decision tree, WeBAL will provide a list of recommended documents resulting from the choices you specified. Please note that each document is accompanied by a separate annotation file, which can be valuable in selecting and using the instrument. All documents and annotations are available in both Microsoft Word ".doc" and Adobe ".pdf" formats for downloading and use.

Remember that at any time, you can go directly to the library of all documents and annotations by clicking on WeBAL Document Library list.