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College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Endowed Scholarship


A scholarship of $1,000 to $5,000 per academic year for each of four years, not renewable. Awarded to up to three new freshman selected according to the criteria listed below.

Criteria for selection:

To be considered for a College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Endowment Scholarship, candidates must:

The awards will be made on a competitive basis.  The top candidates from the pool will be awarded a scholarship based on appropriateness of high school courses to preparation for engineering education at Western Michigan University, admission GPA, ACT scores, and the essay.

Criteria for continuance:

The academic records of the recipients will be reviewed each semester. In order to continue to receive the scholarship, the recipient must:


The application deadline is February 1 for students entering as freshmen the following Fall semester. To download the scholarship application, click here. .doc