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Mathematics is the language of engineering and applied sciences, and serves as the basis for where students begin their academic career.
Your ACT-Math or SAT-Math score will be used to determine your mathematics starting point in the college. Other factors, such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate classes and dual enrollment may also be used.

Joint admissions

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at WMU has partnered with Kellogg Community College and Muskegon Community College to offer joint admissions to both WMU and the respective community college while students work toward a degree in Engineering or Engineering Technology. The programs encourage students to take a majority of their classes at the community college during the first two years of their curriculum, while taking a minimum of one class each semester at WMU.
Since most of their coursework is billed at the community college tuition rate, the Joint Admission Programs present a significant cost savings for the student. Academic advisors from each institution develop a personalized program plan, ensuring that students take only courses needed for graduation from both institutions.
Students in these programs are afforded most of the same benefits that other WMU students enjoy: access to academic support programs and tutoring, access to libraries and computer labs, and entry to many sporting events. Some services, such as access to the WMU Student Recreation Center, may depend on WMU class load.

To get started, contact each institution for an application and appointment to meet with an advisor.

Kellogg Community College:

Muskegon Community College: