College of Engineering and Applied Sciences stocks pantry with 500 pounds of food

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Food Drive Challenge was a big success, with nearly 500 pounds of food donated. Faculty, staff and students were extremely generous in donating non-perishable food items to help support WMU’s food pantry – the Invisible Need Project.

As in the past, departments within the college competed with each other to bring in the most donations. Advising took first place with 259 items of food collected. The winners of the November food drive were Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management and Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management Systems, with 192 items of food collected.

The recent food drive also included an additional challenge to the Haworth College of Business to see who could bring in more donations. With 497 pounds of food collected, the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences had a hefty lead over the 257 pounds of food collected by the business college.

In recent years, campus communities across the nation have discovered that there are large populations of students who go hungry. WMU’s campus food bank is a critical resource for students in need.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. The next food drive will be in October. For more information on the Invisible Need project, visit need.

Dr. Toutanji and advising group

Dr. Toutanji with advising office staff