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Service- Learning



WMU Students                            


There many opportunities for you here, great opportunities for education and engineering majors!  We take science projects into the community and always need help with that.  You may also generate lesson ideas that we will then provide local teachers to access.  We also have the

 Multidisciplinary Student Project Lab (Parkview F212), that engineering students can use for work space on class projects.  You can also receive academic credit for working with us through CHEG 499!

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We have science experiments and lessons that we can provide to you.

If you would like to work with us we may be able to send students to your class for a visit to do a lesson.

We have also put on workshops for local teachers in the past and plan on continuing to in the future.


       Teachers~ for more info you may click here!


Contact Info:

Main office-  276-3998

Secondary Office- 276-3516


Located on the Parkview Campus of WMU of Kalamazoo, MI, Room G254.