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Exploratory Major

Students admitted to the CEAS Exploratory major have an ACT Math score of 20-24, which places them in Algebra II (MATH 1110).  These students must pass MATH 1110 (or an approved, equivalent course at their local community college) with a grade of “B” or better (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) in no more than two attempts.  Upon passing MATH 1110, the students are then eligible for Pre-Calculus (MATH 1180) and can begin the Pre-Engineering or Pre-Engineering Technology curriculum of their choice.

During their first semester, students will be registered for MATH 1110, either IME 1420 or ENGR 1001 (depending on their desired major), and general education courses.  They will be required to meet with their academic advisor two times during the semester and have their MATH 1110 instructor complete grade report forms periodically to track their progress.  In addition, CEAS Exploratory students are eligible for special support programming that is designed to foster their success.

There are several options for students to take advantage of that may allow them to begin in MATH 1180, rather than MATH 1110.  First, students are encouraged to participate in the Summer Bridges Program, which is a three-week intensive Math preparedness course that runs in July.  At the end of the program, students take the Math Placement Exam and may be placed up into MATH 1180.  A second option is for the student to take an approved equivalent Algebra II course at his/her local community college.  It is important to note that enrolling in an Algebra II class at a community college does count as one of the two attempts.  If the student passes the course with a “B” or better and submits a transcript to WMU, s/he is eligible to begin in MATH 1180.

If you have any questions or concerns about the CEAS Exploratory program, please contact the CEAS Exploratory Academic Advisor, Sarah Hagen.  She can be reached at (269) 276-3267, or via email at