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D2L Version 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my prior courses be available in the new version?
A: Yes. All previous and current course content will be automatically migrated to version 10. There is nothing special instructors will need to do for this upgrade.

Q: Can I copy/set up my Spring 2014 course(s) before the upgrade?
A: Yes, we recommend copying course content before the upgrade.

Q: When will the upgrade take place?
A: The upgrade will start on December 18 and is scheduled to be completed by December 20th. Elearning will be inaccessible during this time period.

Q: Are there training session available?
A: Training sessions are available from Online Education and the Faculty Technology Center. Training sessions are scheduled at the University Computing Center, Ellsworth Hall, Online, and at regional locations (Grand Rapids, Lansing, Southwest, and Battle Creek). RSVP for a training session at

Q: Will the course site function on mobile devices?
A: The upgrade will improve mobile accessibility. The single column content layout will look and operate very similarly on smart phones, tables, and the web.

Q: What is the Binder?
A: Binder is an end-to-end digital content delivery platform designed to overcomes course content printing challenges. Binder Fetch allows learners to easily pull documents from Desire2Learn directly into the Binder app online or offline. Send to Binder allows learners to instantly push content from the Learning Environment directly to the Binder app. All course restrictions are present in the Binder application even when students access content offline.

Q: Is the Binder App free for students?
A: Yes, Binder is a free web application and iOS application. Binder will be available on Android devices in the near future. More information is available at the Binder web site.

Q: Will my course settings stay the same? 
A: Release conditions, intelligent agents, submission views, etc. will not be affected. Navigation bars will be updated and will no longer need to be set every semester.

Q: What are the updates/changes in V10?
A: Look and feel, content creation, video notes

Q: Why upgrade now?
A: D2L will discontinue support of the current version in the very near future. The upgrade ensures that support and system stability will keep getting better.

Q: Can I start developing in the new system now?
A: No. There is a practice area available at The practice area is a testing site that will be deleted in the near future. Do not put any course materials in the practice area that you wish to keep. Practice area runs very slowly and is only available on-campus or through the VPN at

Q: Can I update the Navigation bar?
A: No. Due to new system restraints the navigation bar will not be customizable.

Q: Will I need to copy navigation bars each semester?
A: No. Now that the navigation bar is static, there will be no need to update it for each course, every semester.

Q: Can I write comments directly on student dropbox submissions
A: No. Online document markup and editing will be available in a future update.

Q: Can I submit midterm grades through Elearning?
A: Yes. Midterm and final grades can be submitted directly from the Grades area in Elearning starting in the Spring 2014 semester.