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For Pre-Interns

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ED 3690 – Early Childhood Classroom Organization and Management - Students will examine and apply recent research on effective classroom management. In addition to the on-campus class, students will have a full day weekly practicum in a pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3 classroom (main campus students will be in their placement 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wed. or Thurs.; Southwest campus students will be in their placement 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.Tues.). Prerequisite: Admission to the early childhood minor program; Prerequisite/Co-requisite: ED 3090

For information regarding early childhood education, please contact the Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies at (269) 387-3465 or Lori Farrer.

ED 3710/ED 4500 – Elementary Classroom Organization and Management/Pre-internship in Elementary Education taken concurrently – This course will enable students to examine and apply recent research on effective classroom management and will also afford students classroom teaching and observation experiences on a regular basis. In addition to the required pre-internship practicum hours (M/W or T/R 8 - 4:30), students will meet weekly in an on-site seminar conducted by their faculty supervisor. Prerequisites/Co-requisites (no more than two should be taken concurrently with ED 4500): ED3090 or 3100, ED3790, ED4010, ED4070, ED4300 and MATH3520

Application: ED 3710/4500 spring 2015 application

ED 4060 - Instructional Design and Methodology in Secondary Education is designed to prepare students to face the challenges of planning, implementing, and assessing instruction. Co-requisite: ED 4065

ED 4085 - Organizing Learning Environments will examine the organization of classroom environments in terms of effective interaction, instruction, and learning. Co-requisite: ED 4065

ED 4065 - Secondary Education Pre-Internship is a supervised placement in a middle or high school setting and is designed to prepare students for the responsibilities of classroom instruction (2 half days practicum/minimum of 6-8 hours per week throughout the semester). This class is taken twice (once with ED 4060 and once with ED 4085).

Application: ED 4060, 4065, 4085, 4086 spring 2015 application