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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please make sure that there are no holds on your account.
  • To be registered, you need to have submitted your transfer course work, your background check results, and your proof of insurance.
  • If you are not registered – and have completed all of your course work and the items above - by May 16, contact Lynn Lee.
  • Students will be charged on a per-credit-hour rate.
  • You cannot begin your placement until you are registered for internship classes.

Deadline to submit: August 15

  1. Complete an ICHAT background check.  That information is available on your checklist. You must submit the results.
  2. Kalamazoo Public Schools placements: You need to complete a KPS Record Check.

Deadline to submit: August 15, midnight

  1. You will need to submit proof of health insurance for your internship semester.
    • You may purchase insurance through the Sindecuse Health Center or from many other providers.
The Office of Field Placements must receive verification of health insurance by midnight August 15 or your internship placement will be canceled.
  • Most students will be registered for 12 credit hours.
  • Students will be charged on a per-credit-hour rate basis.
  • Special education students:
    • You will be registered for 14 credit hours during each of your internships.
    • You will have an additional four credit class required even during your elementary education internship. Your ED 4710 is eight credit hours.
  • ED 4100 seminar – two credits – is graded.
  • ED 4710 or ED 4750 – ten credits – is pass/fail.
  • Remember that you are on the school districts academic calendar. Your internship begins when teachers return to their classrooms (week of August 25) and ends on december 11, 2014.

Remember that you are on the school district’s academic calendar!

Because you are not on campus during your internship, your enrollment fee is waived. Since you are not paying the enrollment fee, you do not have unlimited access to all University facilities.

Free access:

  • Computer Lab (With your Bronco ID card)
  • Libraries (With your Bronco ID card)

Fee-based access:

  • Student Recreation Center
    A small fee will be required for use.
  • Parking
    You will need to purchase a one-day parking pass through Parking Services for any time you park on-campus.
  1. The intern seminar is a graded two credit course.
  2. You must pass both classes associated with your placement in order to pass your internship.
  3. The seminar consists of material relevant to you and your job search. Among other topics, you will cover
    • Impact on Student Learning assignment,
    • mock interviews,
    • resumes,
    • electronic portfolios, and certification requirements.

Interns completing a full semester placement are eligible to substitute teach for their mentor teacher with the following stipulations:

  • Can only be for mentor teacher, not for any other teacher
  • Needs to be approved by principal, coordinator, and mentor teacher
  • Needs to be after the midpoint of the semester: October 17
  • Can only be up to five days
  • Can only be paid if registered with appropriate agency PRIOR to the beginning of the semester.
  • iWebfolio is required for graduation.
    • To register, contact Karen Stokes at .
  • Your WMU coordinator will assist you with the iWebfolio process and requirements.
  • Workshops for iWebfolio are available.
  • You will be evaluated on the 10 MI-InTASC standards.
  • The more familiar you are with the standards, the easier it will be for you to successfully address them.
  • Evaluation forms:
    1. Visit the Intern Teaching homepage
    2. Click on Internships
    3. Click on Interns
    4. Click on your program or major
    5. Click on Midterm or Final Self Evaluation Report

REMEMBER – you are on the school district's calendar.

  • You must report EVERY absence to the Office of Field Placements, .
  • If you fail to contact Lynn Lee regarding an absence, your internship will be terminated.
  • Absences may result in a discontinued or extended internship.
  • Most schools require interns and teachers to be in their room 30 minutes before students arrive and remain 30 minutes after students leave. Check with your mentor teacher to find out your exact schedule.
  • Being tardy or leaving early will count as an absence.
  • Be sure to know how your mentor teacher and coordinator want to be notified when you need to be absent or late.

Deadline to submit: Before you teach a lesson, usually one week in advance.

Lesson plans are to follow the format required by your school.

If you miss one deadline:

  1. The action will be reported to your WMU coordinator.
  2. You may need to meet with the Office of Field Placements.

If you miss 2 or more deadlines:

  1. Your internship may be terminated.
  • Dress
    • You must establish yourself as a professional.
    • Your mode of dress must never be distracting to your students or colleagues.
  • Communication
    • Be aware of both verbal and nonverbal communication.
    • Avoid gossip.
Remember that confidentiality is legally mandated.