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Intern Teaching Application

Intern TeacherStudents may not select their placements for intern teaching - placements are made by the office of Field Placements based on programmatic needs and design, supervisory loadand the availability of intern teaching situations within our Cluster Sites (partnership schools). Additionally, the College has a long-standing practice of avoiding the placement of students in districts from which they have graduated and/or have some previously established or familial relationship.

Step 1: Pick up an application instruction packet one year prior to the semester you plan to intern teach from the office of Field Placements, 2206 Sangren. Your Western ID number will be requested and a file created for you.

Step 2: Complete the online application and the forms in the packet.

Step 3: Complete the Word document below for your major/minor course record which is your specific program. General education courses do not need to be listed unless they are specifically required for your major/minor.

Elementary Education
Family and Consumer Education
Health Education
Industrial Technology
Physical Education
Secondary Education
Secondary Education in Business
Special Education

See the program guides for more information on program requirements.

Step 4: Turn all documents into the Office of Field Placements, 2206 Sangren Hall