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Criteria for Intern Teaching Teacher

All teacher education students complete an internship at the end of their program. Students seeking elementary or secondary certification have a one semester (12 credit hours) internship, Early Childhood students have an 18 hour (one and a half semesters) internship and special education students have a two semester internship (22 hours). Field Placements is responsible for the coordination and oversight of all field experiences associated with Teacher Education. Field Placement assigns all interns within a 50 mile radius of Kalamazoo. Students do not have a choice of location or school. Intern teaching assignments including school location and grade level and the location of the seminar are made in terms of programmatic needs and design, supervisory load and the availability of intern teaching situations within the schools in a given area.

The following academic requirements must be met prior to the internship:

  1. Admission to the professional education sequence
  2. Completion of all required course work (students may not enroll in other course work during intern teaching)
  3. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above
  4. An overall grade point average of 2.5 in the professional education sequence and no grade lower than a “C” in any professional education course
  5. Recommendation from major and minor departments
  6. Completion of methods course(s) in major and/or minor with a minimum grade of “C”
  7. Passing scores on the Michigan Professional Readiness Exam (formerly Basic Skills Test)

In addition, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Students engaged in intern teaching must provide evidence of health insurance coverage valid for the duration of the internship at the time of course enrollment. Liability insurance coverage is provided by the University through a fee assessed at the time of enrollment.
  2. Completion of the felony convictions form.

Important note:

The deadline for submitting internship applications for fall semester is mid-November of the preceding fall and the deadline for submitting Internship applications
for spring semester is mid-March of the preceding spring. Students should contact the Office of Field Studies (2206 Sangren Hall) at least thirty (30) days prior to the appropriate application deadline for application forms and Internship information.

Criteria for recommendation for Teacher/Administrator Certification