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Myron Harrison
Chelsea Cook

Year: Junior
Major/Program: Dietetics
Hometown: Westphalia, MI

Why did you choose WMU?
The reason why I chose WMU is because it felt like home. I was welcomed and felt that WMU offered me so many options both with my career and college life in general.

Why did you choose the major that you did? 
 I chose Dietetics for my major because I have always loved nutrition and dietetics but also considered going into fashion design. WMU offered both of them and in the end I chose Dietetics and I love it so much. My ultimate career goal is to work on a treatment team for eating disorders. Regardless, I love helping people improve their quality of life and making tasty yet healthy options.  

One memory from WMU: 
My favorite memory of Western Michigan University is getting to know and love my roommates and those around me while living in the Residence Halls.

What are your plans after graduation?   
After graduation, I plan on getting either a Dietetic Internship or go to Grad school at the University of Minnesota.