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Choosing a good password  

keyPasswords are used for various purposes. Some of the more common uses include: user accounts, web account, email accounts, screen saver protection, voice mail passwords and remote access logins. Since very few systems have support for one-time tokens (dynamic passwords which are only used once), everyone should be aware of how to select strong passwords. If a malicious user can get hold of or 'crack' your password they can access the system with your identity and with your access rights.

Protecting your password
Do not use the same password for Western Michigan University accounts as for non-Western Michigan University accounts (i.e. personal ISP accounts, Brokerage accounts, benefit accounts, etc). Remember, if one account password is compromised, all accounts may be compromised. Do not share your University password(s) with anyone, including administrative assistants, supervisors, secretaries, or co-workers. All passwords are to be treated as sensitive, confidential Western Michigan University information.


If you suspect your account or password has been compromised, report the event to the appropriate system administrator and the University Information Security Administrator and change your password immediately.

If someone demands your password, refer him or her to this document or have him or her contact your system administrator or the University Security Administrator in Office of Information Technology.