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Robert Leneway

Image of Robert Leneway

Robert Leneway
Associate Professor, Educational Technology
Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

Office: (269) 397-2053

3571 Sangren Hall

Robert Leneway is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology in the Educational Leadership, Research and Technology Department, College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University. He earned a DPA in Public Administration and an M.A. from Western Michigan University and an M.A. and B.A. degree from Michigan State University. Dr. Leneway teaches EDT courses including Advanced Instructional Technologies, Planning and Administration of Education Technology, Educational Technology Academy, (teaching the Adobe digital communication and web development application products). His research in recent years has focused on educational technology and school leadership, and advanced instructional technologies especially related to the use of Adobe digital and communication applications in the classroom as well as online career education for students with disabilities. Prior to joining WMU, Dr. Leneway served in several roles in state government and K12 schools in career and technical education, administration and program development.