Detroit Education Administrators Dinner

Sept. 24, 2014

Attendees at Detroit dinner.The College of Education and Human Development Dean, Dr. Ming Li, and engagement officer, Amy Routhier, recently had a dinner meeting with five WMU alumni.  The dinner was held on Sept. 24 and in attendance were four principals and one assistant principal from the Detroit area, two of whom are past Golden Apple Award winners.

Topics discussed at the meeting included how to better prepare students in our teacher education programs to teach in urban education settings. Attendees suggested engaging alumni that work in urban education settings in the classrooms at WMU and even volunteered to hold workshops or come to classes to have open, honest conversations about the challenges and opportunities in urban education. They agreed that openness about issues of race and socio-economic status needs to exist and they announced that they are interested in helping CEHD provide honest, courageous, authentic learning opportunities in urban education for WMU teacher education students.

It was also suggested that WMU partner with Detroit Public Schools to conduct case studies or action research related to theory and principle in practice in urban education settings in Detroit. It was also suggested that students in our teacher education programs complete their independent study projects in DPS.


  • Kim English Davis – Principal, Charles White Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Lisa Williams – Principal, Ferndale High School
  • Mark Mayberry – Principal, Henry Ford High School
  • Phillip Van Hooks – Assistant Principal, Cooke Elementary
  • Patricia Murray – Principal, East English Village Preparatory Academy