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Initial Teacher Certification (Post-Baccalaureate)

Specialized (Alternative) Routes to Initial Teacher Certification Man meeting with lady
Graduates with certain bachelor’s degrees (as noted below) may be able to follow an alternative route to initial teacher certification in Michigan:

Regular Route to Initial Teacher Certification
All other graduates from four-year accredited institutions who wish to obtain initial teacher certification in Michigan must complete all requirements in their chosen state approved WMU undergraduate teacher certification program. 

Step 1: Choose a teaching program

    *Requires teachable major and teachable minor

Step 2: Meet with an undergraduate Post-Baccalaureate advisor
Art or Music: Contact the College of Fine Arts
All other programs: Schedule an appointment or come to walk-in advising in the College of Education and Human Development. The CEHD advisor will review the pre-professional education requirements, help develop your program plan, give you course recommendations, and make sure you’re on track to meet all initial teacher certification requirements. Please bring all college transcripts.

Step 3:  Apply for admission to WMU
Apply for admission to WMU as a Post-Baccalaureate Initial Teacher Certification student using the printable Undergraduate admissions application. Please contact the WMU Office of Admissions (269) 387-2000 with any questions about admission to WMU.  The completed application and official transcripts from all previously attended institutions are required prior to admission to the University.

Important notes