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Special Education - Certification and Minor Information

Required Certification Areas

All Special Education Students must complete coursework in the four certification areas listed below:

  1. Elementary Education
    Eligible Certifications:
    • Kindergarten-5 in all subjects
    • Kindergarten-8 in all subjects when teaching in a self-contained classroom—one in which the majority of instruction is provided by a single teacher
  2. Learning Disabilities
    Eligible Certification: Kindergarten-12 Special Education (Learning Disabilities)
  3. Emotional Impairment OR Cognitive Impairment
    Eligible Certification: Kindergarten-12 Special Ed (Emotional Impairment OR Cognitive Impairment)
  4. One Content Area Minor selected from the list below:
Eligible Certification:
Grades 6-8
Eligible Certification: 6-12
Biology Geography Physics
Elem/Middle Language Arts Chemistry German Political Science
Elem/Middle Mathematics Earth Science History Russian
Elem/Middle Science English Latin Spanish
  French Mathematics  

Additional Optional Certification Areas:
Special Education Students can also choose to complete additional certification requirements for:

STUDENTS INTERESTED IN SPECIAL (ADAPTED) PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Undergraduates interested in teaching adapted physical education should complete either 1) a bachelor's degree in Special Education or 2) a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and then complete a master's degree or additional endorsement in Special (Adapted) Physical Education. For more information about Special (Adapted) Physical Education visit:

STUDENTS INTERESTED IN SPECIAL EDUCATION: VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS: Undergraduates interested in teaching children with visual impairments are encouraged to complete a bachelor's degree in regular elementary education and then a master's degree in TCVI. For more information on the MA in TCVI, visit: Teacher of Children with Visual Impairments and Teaching Orientation and Mobility