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Elementary Education Minor with a Major of Speech Pathology and Audiology

College: Education and Human Development External
Department: Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies External
Major: Elementary Education External
Admission Requirements and Application
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Date Description of Change
February 21, 2013

Important information about the elimination of LS 3790
Phase 1 of the new elementary education program goes into effect Fall 2013. One of the changes in the new elementary program is the elimination of LS 3790. This course will not be offered after summer II 2013.

Students in the old elementary major, old early childhood elementary major, and old language arts minor who have not taken LS 3790 by summer II 2013, must take an approved substitute course. Any of the courses listed below are approved substitutes as long as they have not already been used to fill a requirement in the Language Arts minor.

Approved Substitutes for LS 3790

  • ED 3980: Language Arts, Children’s Literature, and Diversity in Elementary Schools (offered Fall 2013, Summer I 2014 and Summer I 2015)
  • ENGL 1100: Literary Interpretation
  • ENGL 3060: Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture
  • ENGL 3710: Structures of Modern English
  • ENGL 4720: Language Variation in American English
  • ENGL 3770: Language in Multilingual Classrooms (pre-req: ENGL 3690)