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Frequently Asked Questions



If I take a course at another college or university, what grade do I need to receive in order for it to transfer?
In order for a course to transfer from another college or university, you need to earn a "C" grade or better for credit to transfer. However, your gpa is unique to every college or university you attend. Therefore, transfer courses do not affect your WMU gpa in anyway. If you do poorly in a course at WMU and need to repeat it, it is in your best interest to repeat it at WMU because when you do the new grade will replace the old grade in your gpa calculation.

Will my WMU credits transfer to other colleges?
Most likely. WMU credits will transfer to most colleges. It is always best to double check on which credits will transfer, just in case.

I am planning to transfer to another 4 year college. Is there anything special I need to do?
Talk with your new university to find out if all of your credits transfer.