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Frequently Asked Questions

Career Exploration/Academic Help

Career Exploration/Academic Help:

I’m not sure what major to declare. How can I decide?
There are many resources to help you make a decision regarding your major. University Curriculum offers a list of excellent resource for those who are undecided.

When must I make a decision about my major?
There is no deadline for choosing your major. However, many programs at WMU are highly sequential, therefore, if you don’t get started on your major right away, you could fall behind. Dietetics, Interior Design, Physical and Health Education are three examples of highly sequential programs.

What if I want to change my major?
Students requesting major changes PRIOR TO ORIENTATION should submit a request or call Undergraduate Admissions ((269) 387-2000).

I am having trouble in some of my courses. Is there any place I can go for help?
Sure, there are plenty of people on campus that are here to help you! You can start with your academic advisor, who can provide you with information, suggestions and referrals. Check out the Center for Academic Success Programs website listing all the support programs at WMU or stop by the First Year Experience.