Clarification and Communication of College’s Identity and Contribution

The clarification and communication of college's identity and contribution theme of the strategic plan for the College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University has the following objectives and members:

Strategic objectives

  • E-1: Clarify and communicate the college’s unique identity and contribution.
  • E-3: Enhance the college’s public relations and marketing.


  • Gary Bischof (Department of Family and Consumer Sciences)
  • Louann Bierlein Palmer (Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology)


  • Jennifer Foster (Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology)
  • Jim Muchmore (Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies)
  • Joanne Barretta (Office of Field Placements)
  • Nicole Leffler (Office of the Dean)
  • Sharon Peterson (Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology)
  • Suzan Ayers (Department of Human Performance and Health Education)