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Sangren Hall
Sangren Hall

Student Recreation Center
Student Recreation Center

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The College of Education and Human Development is a diverse and vibrant institution of professional education, preparing individuals annually for leadership in their fields. The college is comprised of six departments which includes Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology; Special Education and Literacy Studies; Family and Consumer Sciences; Human Performance and Health Education; Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies; and Educational Leadership, Research and Technology. Approximately 100 regular full-time faculty serve over 2,900 undergraduate and over 1,600 graduate students, with majors enrolled in programs leading to the bachelor’s, specialist’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Continuing the tradition of success

Message from the dean

Ming LiOur college has the longest standing history among all the colleges at WMU with a 110 years’ tradition of excellence and success. “Continuing the Tradition of Success” is our motto. It depicts our brand promise and captures the brand spirit of our college. The motto not only reminds us of our root and celebrated history, but also highlights our long lasting commitment to excellence, and our enduring desire to achieve success.

Our college offers a broad range of diverse programs preparing exceptional professionals who advance knowledge and generate creative works and make a positive impact to society through their engagement with local and global community. The programs offered include professional preparation for careers in Pre K-12 schools, design firms, health and wellness agencies, sport and recreation venues, community organizations, and a variety of business settings. In short, our college offers opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to study and pursue a career in “people-centered” professions.  

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