Dr. Huizhong Zhou

Dr. Huizhong Zhou

Dr. Huizhong Zhou

Dr. Shou

Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1986

5434 Friedmann Hall

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Areas of Interest

Economics of Information and Incentives, Industrial Organization, Transition Economics, The Chinese Economy  


Dr. Zhou teaches microeconomics, managerial economics and industrial organization at undergraduate, master and Ph.D. levels. He occasionally offers graduate seminars on game theory, economics of incentives and optimal control theory. Dr. Zhou uses game theory to explain and analyze competition strategies, economic policies, organizations, and many other economic and social phenomena. He views incentive constraints, as well as resource constraints, as a fundamental problem faced by any economy.  


Agency Theory, Industrial Organization, The Chinese Economy. Recently, Dr. Zhou has been doing researches on impacts of environmental policies, especially Tradable Green Certificates, on the environment and market performance, and the interactions between economic and environmental regulations.

Special Honors

Specially-Appointed Professor of Managerial Economics, Fudan University School of Management, 2003 - 09 Fulbright Scholar, Aug. - Dec. 2004. Guest Editor of China Economic Review for v.12, n.1, 2001. Vice President of the Chinese Economists Society-North America (CES), 1999-2000. Rikkyo University Exchange Research Associate, 1997 World Bank Visiting Researcher at the China Center for Economic Research, Peking University, 1997 Summer research support by the Social Science Research Council, 1991 and 1992

Selected Publications

"Feed-in tariff and tradable green certificate in oligopoly", with Meszaros and Shrestha, Energy Policy, 38 (8): 4040-4047, forthcoming Aug. 2010.

"Impacts of Integration of Production of Black and Green Energy", first author, with Meszaros M., Energy Economics, 32(1): 220-226, 2010.

"High benefits and low wages: Employees as monitor of management in SOEs", China Economic Review, 15: 407-23, 2004.

"Integration and access regulations in telecommunications", Information Economics and Policy, 15, 317-316, 2003.

"Vertical Structures and Access Regulation in Telecommunications", China Economic Quarterly, 2, 1: 131-148, Oct. 2002. (in Chinese)

"Implications of Interjurisdictional Competition in Transition: The Case of the Chinese Tobacco Industry", Journal of Comparative Economics, 29, 1: 158-182, March 2001.

"Fiscal Decentralization and the Development of the Tobacco Industry in China", China Economic Review, 1: 158-182, March 2001.

"Partial Reform and Full Price Liberalization in the Short and Long Run," China Economic Review, Vol.8, No.1, 1997.

"Product-Market Competition and Executive Compensation," (with D. Alexander) Journal of Economics and Business, 1996.

"Rent Seeking and Market Competition," Public Choice, 1995.

"Behavior of State Enterprises in a Hybrid Economy with Market Imperfection," Economic Systems, 1994.

"Planning, Plan-Influencing and Market Fine-Tuning: Implications for Economies in Transition," Journal of Comparative Economics, Sept. 1993.

"Bargaining and Market Decisions of State Enterprises in a Transition Economy," China Economic Review, 1993.

"An Explanation of Coexistence of Taut Planning and Hidden Reserves in Centrally Planned Economies," Journal of Comparative Economics, Sept. 1992.

"Innovation Decision and Reward Structure," Journal of Comparative Economics, Dec. 1991

Intermediate Microeconomics (in Chinese), Shanghai, China: Shanghai People's Publisher, 1997, 2nd ed., 2003, 3rd ed., 2012.  



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