Dr. Christine Moser

Dr. Christine Moser

Dr. Christine Moser


Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Cornell University 2004

5420 Friedmann Hall

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Dr. Moser teaches environmental economics and principles of macroeconomics at the undergraduate level and development economics at the graduate level. 


Dr. Moser is a development economist with a focus on Africa. Her research interests fall into three broad categories: agricultural markets and technology and governance. Her work on markets includes studying food safety, market integration, inefficiencies in interregional trade and the effects on farmers. She has also studied farmer adoption of new technologies to identify technologies that are feasible and profitable for poor farmers and policies that can enable farmers to innovate. She is also interested in the relationship between agriculture, policy and deforestation in Madagascar. Dr. Moser's research on good governance covers topics such as how public goods are allocated, assessing the capacity of local governments, and analyzing voter turnout and voting patterns. Dr. Moser has experience working in several African countries, including Madagascar, Chad and Kenya. She is currently working on a project funded by International Food Policy Research Institute and Michigan State’s Global Center for Food Systems Innovation that looks at the market for improved food safety in Kenya. Dr. Moser is currently an associate editor for the American Journal of Agricultural Economic and the journal Food Policy.  

Selected Publications

Alan Green and Christine Moser (2013). Do Property Rights Institutions Matter at the Local Level? Evidence from Madagascar," Journal of Development Studies. 49(1): 95-109.

J.S. Butler, and Christine M. Moser (2010). "A Structural Model of Markets in Developing Countries," American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 92(5): 1364-1378.

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Christine M. Moser (2008). "Poverty reduction, patronage or vote-buying? The allocation of public goods and the 2001 election in Madagascar," Economic Development and Cultural Change. 57: 137-162.

Christine M. Moser (2008). "An Economic Analysis of Deforestation in Madagascar in the 1990s." Environmental Sciences: Journal of Integrative Environmental Research. 5(2): 91 - 108.

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Christine M. Moser and Christopher B. Barrett (2003). "The Disappointing Adoption Dynamics of a Yield-Increasing, Low External Input Technology: The Case of SRI in Madagascar." Agricultural Systems. 76: 1085-1100.  


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