Donald Alexander

Donald Alexander

Dr. Donald Meyer,


Chair, Professor
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1983

5311 Friedmann Hall


Areas of Interest

Applied Microeconomics and Models of Uncertainty and Insurance


Dr. Meyer teaches courses in microeconomic theory and principles at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He also teaches Mathematics for Economists and Uncertainty and Information in the master's program. His teaching focuses on the microeconomic environment in which decisionmakers face choices and work towards the optimization of an economic objective. 


Dr. Meyer investigates various microeconomic models of decisionmaking under risk. One particular model of interest is the demand for market insurance and the determinants of this demand. He has recently focused his attention on the various aspects of risk reduction including self protection (costly effort to reduce the probability of a loss), self insurance (costly effort to reduce the size of a loss), and market insurance.  

Selected Publications

"Excluded Losses and the Demand for Insurance," Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, forthcoming (with J. Meyer).

"Measuring Risk Aversion," Foundations and Trends in Economics, Vol. 2, Issue 2, 2006, pp 1-101 (with J. Meyer).

"Relative Risk Aversion: What Do We Know?" Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, December, 2005, pp. 243-262 (with J. Meyer)

"Risk Preferences in Multi-period Consumption Models, the Equity Premium Puzzle, and Habit Formation Utility," Journal of Monetary Economics, November, 2005 pp. 1497-1515 (with J. Meyer).

"Introduction to the Economics of Risk,"The Economics of Risk, Donald J. Meyer editor, 2003 W.E. Upjohn Institute.

"A More Reasonable Model of Insurance Demand," in Aliprantis and Arrow (ed.) Assets, Beliefs, and Equilibria in Economic Dynamics, Springer Publishing Co., 2003, pp. 733-742 (with J. Meyer).

"The Comparative Statics of Deductible Insurance and Insurable Assets," Journal of Risk and Insurance, (with J. Meyer), 1999, Vol. 66, No. 1, pp 1-15.

"Changes in Background Risk and the Demand for Insurance," The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory, (with J. Meyer), Vol. 23, No. 1, 1998, pp. 29-40.

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"Competition and Bidding Behavior: Some Evidence from the Rice Market," Economic Inquiry, January 1988, pp. 123-132.  


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