Sisay Asefa

Sisay Asefa

Dr. Sisay Asefa


Professor of Economics & Director of the Center for African Development Policy Research, Haenicke Institute of Global Education (HIGE), WMU
Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1980

5455 Friedmann Hall

(269) 387-5556


Principles of Economics, Development Economics; African Economies, Managerial Economics, Rural Transformation Policy, Regulatory Economics and Institutions 


Development Policy, Rural Development, Food Security, Governance and Institutions 

Selected Publications

The Political Economy of Good Governance. Edited with W. Huang, forthcoming, 2014

Chief Editor, International Journal of African Development, Fall October, 2013.

“Rural Poverty and Food Insecurity in Ethiopia”: The quest for Sustainable Institutions and Technologies, Vol 4, No.1, 2012, S. Asefa & A.Lemi, Ethiopian E-journal for Research and Innovation Foresight (Ee-JRIF), Denmark.

“Combating Food Insecurity and Rural Poverty in Ethiopia” S. Asefa , W.Negatu & T.Mogues:Vol.4, No.1,2012, Ethiopian e-journal for Research and Innovation Foresight (Ee-JRIF), Denmark

“Sustainability of Expansion in An African Airlines: The Case of Ethiopian Airlines” (W. Lisa Whittaker) in International Journal of African Development (IJAD), see link:

“Do Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Aid Promote Good Governance in Africa? (With A. Lemi and B. Solomon), International Journal of African Development, fall, 2013

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Economic Decision Making: Public and Private Decisions, (ed.) Iowa State University Press, 1985.  


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