Donald Alexander

Donald Alexander

Dr. Donald Alexander


Ph.D, Penn. State University, 1983
Philip M. McKenna Fellowship for the Study of Market Economics, 1986 and 1988

5416 Friedmann Hall

(269) 387-5526
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Professor Alexander teaches courses in the areas of Industrial Organization, Antitrust and Regulation Economics, and Microeconomic theory at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He also teaches courses on the Principles of Microeconomics and Sports Economics. 


Professor Alexander's research interests include Sports Economics and Antitrust Economics. In the area of Sports Economics, his recent focus is on how athletic performance at the collegiate level has affected tuition rates and state appropriations. In the area of Antitrust Economics, he is evaluating the monopolization claims made in the landmark International Harvester case. 

Selected Publications

"Does Athletic Success Generate Legislative Largess from Sports- Crazed Representatives? The Impact of Athletic Success on State Appropriations to Colleges and Universities" (with William Kern), International Journal of Sports Finance, 5 (November 2010): 253-267.

"The Impact of Athletic Performance on Tuition Rates," (with William Kern), International Journal of Sports Finance, 4 (November 2009): 240-254.

"Telecommunications Deregulation in Texas: An Analysis of the 2005 Competition Act," Background Paper No. 50, Tax Foundation, 8 December 2005.

"Drive for Show and Putt for Dough? An Analysis of the Earnings of PGA Tour Golfers," (with William Kern), Journal of Sports Economics, (February 2005): 46-60.

"Entry in Local Telecommunications Markets," (with Robert Feinberg), Review of Industrial Organization, 25 6 (September 2004): 107-127.

"The Economic Determinants of Professional Sports Franchise Values," (with William Kern), Journal of Sports Economics, 5 (February 2004): 51-66.

"Major League Baseball: Monopoly Pricing and Profit-Maximizing Behavior," Journal of Sports Economics, (November 2001).

"Valuing the Consumption Benefits from Professional Sports Franchises and Facilities," (with William Kern & Jon Neill), Journal of Urban Economics, (2000).



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