Open positions for students

Bronco Buds Graduate Assistant

Office Assistant for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender Student Services

Staff on Duty for the Multicultural Center and "Our Space"

Summer Internship - LBGT Student Services

Excellence In Diversity Awards

At the 2017 Spring Convocation four awards were given to individuals or groups who exemplify the importance of diversity and inclusion as defined by Western Michigan University's Diversity and Multicultural Action Plan. Nominations for the Excellence in Diversity Award are sought each year with cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary nominations highly encouraged. This year's recipients demonstrate that efforts to increase diversity and improve inclusion can and should be happening everywhere.

Excellence in Diversity

Jimmy Brand, peer mentor and student coordinator, Disability Services for Students
Major: biomedical sciences
Minors: chemistry; speech and hearing processes

Excellence in Diversity

Jon Curtis, employee, Office of LBGT Student Services
Major: gender and women's studies
Minor: dance

Rising Star in Diversity

Megan McCoy, banquet manager, Catering Services

Trailblazers for Diversity

International Business Student Association (represented by Daniel Lopez, founder and president)

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Activities
Activities were held in January as part of the 2017 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College and across the broader Kalamazoo community. The celebration honors civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and includes a convocation, march, day of service, educational programs and presentation. In addition to these community events, students from Kalamazoo Public Schools and the surrounding areas were invited to participate in three competitions surrounding the theme of this year's celebration: The trans formative power of a unified dream. This year over 150  students competed in the Social Justice Book Bowl, the Social Justice Art Competition and the Courage to Create Poetry Competition.

Courage to Create Poetry Competition

Jasmine Starkey-Williams, Hillside Middle School
Haley Rocha, Kalamazoo Central High School
Jordan Hassler, Hillside Middle School
Rachel Richman, Hillside Middle School
Michaela Benamon, Hillside Middle School

Social Justice Art Competition Winners

Haniya Frayer, 7th grade, Maple Street Middle School
Jaree Leonard, 10th grade, Loy Norrix High School
Sophia Schwartz, 12th grade, Portage Central High School
Vanessa Fernandez, 8th grade, Linden Grove Middle School 

Social Justice Book Bowl Winners

6th grade

Linden Grove Middle School, Peaceful Righters
Coach: Lori Burrell
Competetitors: Jisele Romo, Rose Shackleford

7th and 8th grade

Linden Grove Middle School, Bravery to end Slavery
Coach: Lori Burrell
Competitors: Gabriella Barry, Claire Beougher, Tobias Foley,  Mollie McDonald

9th and 10th grade

Loy Norrix High School, The Reading Knights
Coaches: Erin Middleton, Sveri Stromsta May
Competitors: Elizah Anderson, Camille Bistrek, Maya Goggans, Maggie Grabemeyer

11th and 12th grade

Loy Norrix High School, Social Justice League
Coaches: Erin Middleton, Sveri Stromsta May
Competitors: Elizabeth Gbogi, Ferren Olmstead-Meade, Ava Stoops, Mey Wong

Kalamazoo Promise Scholars program presents at NACADA

Representatives from the Kalamazoo Promise Scholars program--Kellie Skiba, peer mentor program coordinator and Lauren Carney, campus coach--will present at the National Academic Advising Association Region V conference in Rosemont, IL on March 16.  With increased awareness and focus on student success and retention in higher education there has also been an increase in the call for programming designed to tackle some of the barriers students face early on in their academic careers. Transition programs like peer mentor programs seek to help students with acclimating to college life, navigating the university’s physical landscape and connecting them to resource networks. Their topic "Been there, done that: The value of peer to peer relationships in a mentor-based transition program" will detail how peer mentor programs positively transform the traditional concept of mentoring by pairing students with upperclassmen—peers—who have a shared identity or background. This scalable system allows learner support programs to provide support to students at varying levels, both directly and indirectly.

Western Michigan University honors

Western Michigan University recognized by Campus Pride

Western Michigan University is recognized by Campus Pride, a leading national organization that focuses on LBGT campus inclusion, ranks Western Michigan University with 4.5 stars out of 5 overall on their Campus Pride index. Additionally WMU received a 5 out of 5 star Sexual Orientation Score and 4.5 out of 5 star Gender Identity/Expression Score.

Minority Access, Inc. commitment to diversity award

Western Michigan University received the Minority Access, Inc. commitment to diversity award in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. WMU is honored by the nonprofit organization during its annual Role Models Conference each year.

Higher Education Excellence in Diversity

Western Michigan University received the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity, HEED, award in the following consecutive years: 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 . WMU was honored with this national award by INSIGHT Into Diversity, the nation's oldest and largest publication that focuses on diversity in higher education.

study abroad

Kalamazoo Promise Scholars program

The Kalamazoo Promise Scholars program partnered with the School of Communication to take twelve Kalamazoo Promise scholarship recipients to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic this spring on a short-term, faculty led study abroad program.

Santo Domingo, the first city established in the New World, represents an ideal location to explore the inextricable relationship between culture and communication. Students this year participated in the 3-credit course designed to provide undergraduate students with introductory exposure to the basic concepts inherent to intercultural communication and ethnography, and hands-on experience with creating a research proposal within a specific cultural context. In this regard, the course reflects Western Michigan University’s commitment to provide opportunities for student-entered learning experiences that are both discovery-oriented and globally engaged.

This trip represented the first global engagement initiative of the Kalamazoo Promise Scholars program with plans to continue to offer similar low-cost opportunities in the future.