Textbooks in Alternate Formats

Western Michigan University students with print disabilities may work with Disability Services for Students to obtain electronic copies of textbooks. Electronic books are available through other sources, such as WMU Bookstore and Amazon, but be aware that not all electronic books are accessible with screen readers. Only purchase your electronic books from a trusted site like Learning Ally or Bookshare to assure an accessible version. Electronic books can be in Word, plain text, rich text or PDF formats.

To request a textbook in electronic/digital format, please use the following procedures so books can be returned in a reasonable time frame.

  • Purchase your textbooks as early as possible. Textbooks are processed in the order in which they are requested, so the earlier we receive the request and books, the faster we can get them back to you.
  • Complete and submit the request form. Please note, we have been unable to get this link to work in Firefox. It will, however, work in Chrome and Explorer. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Copyright laws require us to show proof of purchase. Please provide us with a copy of your receipt by uploading it to the form, emailing it, or dropping it off to our office. 
  • Allow 14 business days after submitting the request for publishers to return the alternate versions, especially at the beginning of Western Michigan University's fall and spring semesters.
  • When a publisher cannot provide an electronic or digital copy of the book, we will ask you to bring in the actual book. Please be aware that we must cut the spines off books in order to scan them.  It may take DSS up to 14 business days during the beginning of fall and spring semesters to process the books. In off times, DSS may be able to provide the alternate format within five business days. 
  • Pick up the print version of the books you submitted from DSS by finals' week of the semester or the books will be considered the property of DSS. 
  • Watch your Western Michigan University email for all textbook files and confirmation that your materials are ready for pick-up.

Disability Services for Students makes every effort to provide the electronic versions of textbooks as quickly as possible, however, the timing of the publishers is out of our control.