Testing Procedures

Accommodations for tests at Western Michigan University and Disability Services for Students require pre-planning to ensure students and professors are in agreement as to how the accommodations will be provided. Professors do not have to provide accommodations without reasonable timely notice. It is the student's responsibility to:

  • Meet with professors during office hours prior to the first test to determine where the individual testing room will be. If there are scheduling issues regarding time and place, discuss the problems during this initial meeting.
  • Tests approved to be taken at DSS must be reserved seven (7) days prior to the test through DSS-Accommodate.
  • Tests taken at DSS must be scheduled at the same time the class takes the test. Approval and verification by the professor is required before DSS accepts the request for a room.

Students need to come prepared to tests scheduled at DSS.

  • Bring some sort of photo identification, such as the Bronco Card or driver's license.
  • Have supplies for the tests - pencil, pens, erasers, blue books, and material approved by professors.
  • Leave books and notes at home or in the cubby shelves at DSS.
  • Store purses, wallets, phones, and watches either in the cubby or do not bring them.

Other information regarding tests at DSS.

  • Leave testing room furniture as is.
  • Be aware there are surveillance cameras in each test room.
  • Bathroom breaks are allowed if they are approved accommodations for specific disabilities.